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  • Fourikis N
    "Active Phased Arrays - The Integration of RT modules to their antennas" Paper presented to theMay 1989 meeting of KTP-4 of the TTCP - Subgroup K

  • Fourikis N
    "Microprocessor Tuned Antennas" Paper presented to the May 1989 meeting of KAG-16 of TTCP - Subgroup K

  • Fourikis N; Shuley N; and Lioutas N
    "Balanced/Unbalanced wide-band printed board antenna elements for microwave phased arrays"
    KTP-4 Meeting held in Australia 8 Feb 1990

  • Fourikis N; Schulz P; Waterhouse R; and Majewski M
    "Semi-automatic network analysers operating at Ka and W-bands" ibid.

  • Fourikis N; and Shuley N
    "The use of dichroic surfaces to reduce the radar cross section of ships" ibid.

  • Fourikis N; and Lioutas N
    "Novel wide-band multifunction Radar Phased Arrays" Paper presented to the KTP­4 Meeting Malvern UK, 17-26 July 1991.

  • Fourikis N; Lioutas N; and Eccleston K W
    "Wide Band Antenna Elements for Multifunction Radar Phased Arrays" ibid.

  • Fourikis N
    "Requirements for active phased arrays capable of detecting low RCS targets in clutter". 1992 KTP-4 Meeting Dayton Ohio USA 1-5 June 1992.

  • Fourikis N
    "The use of celestial sources for the calibration of active phased arrays" ibid.