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This is the official website for Nicholas Fourikis, MSc PhD

Nicholas turned to literary fiction after a distinguished career in radio astronomy culminating in the discovery of five interstellar molecules and the authoring of two University textbooks.

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In his first literary novel, “Hollywood Amarroo”, he chronicled the lives of two young lovers who ignored the prejudices of the sixties to defend an Aboriginal mother accused of manslaughter.

Nicholas spent several summers in Alexandria, the birthplace of Hypatia (370 – 415 CE) and in his second book “Hypatia’s Feud” he chronicled the life and times of the foremost lady with significant contributions in Astronomy and Philosophy. In troubled times we can always draw the strength to continue our struggle for a better world by re-visiting Hypatia’s life. She was after all the quintessential philosopher-hero who lived and died as a humanist in a world possessed by religious fervor.